The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has graced the exterior of American homes for decades now. Since the 1950s, the presence of aluminum siding has all but completely dissipated and the vinyl king still reigns supreme. This siding option has come a long way since its early negative reputation of brittle, elastic siding that didn’t last hardly a couple of years before becoming a serious drain on the outdoor appearance of a home.

benefits of vinyl siding

Vinyl siding has long since been reconsidered and uses more scientifically sound materials to increase the durability and performance of the siding. Now, it’s a clear choice for home owners and continues to grow in popularity with time.

Is vinyl siding the right choice for you? If you’re not sure yet, read on and discover all the benefits that vinyl siding can offer you and your home. By number five, you’re sure to have your mind made up!

You save money with vinyl siding!

When you’re remodelling or building a home, there’s nothing that sounds nearly as sweet as, “saving money”, is there? Vinyl siding is well-loved primarily because of its low cost.

For 1,250 square feet, you can expect to pay as low as $2,500 – including professional installation! Of course, this price fluctuates depending on where you’re located, but in general, people who opt for vinyl siding save around $4,000 on overall cost for that same 1,250 square footage.

It doesn’t require much maintenance, if any at all!

vinyl siding

One massive perk to vinyl siding in Chicago is how low maintenance it is. It’s the lowest maintenance option for siding that’s available. It’s resistant to most pests, resistant to rot in any climate, and it retains its original appearance for much longer than its material competitors such as wood.

The only maintenance that it does need is optional, and depends on your personal preference. It’s generally recommended that you clean your siding, but the consequences for skipping that step aren’t dire. It’s really just a matter of your home looking good. So, give it a good clean once a year and you’re good to go! Nothing else needs to be done. That means that there’s no hidden costs and there’s nothing else to consider in your home maintenance budget. Easy, easy!

Speaking of other siding, vinyl lasts longer!

It’s true! Vinyl stands up to durability tests much better than other materials. This is vital for if you live in a hurricane impact zone or somewhere that gets hammered with snow and hail in the winter. Vinyl is also great in all climates, even where heat and humidity reign for most of the year.

Vinyl is often protected by a lifetime warranty because the makers truly believe in its durability. That’s a quality you can take to the bank!

You’ll never run out of options.

vinyl siding colors

If you’re building or remodeling, sometimes the last thing you want is more options to have to choose from. But when it comes to the appearance of your home’s siding, having options is necessary to get a beautiful home that resonates with your personality.

Make your dream home come true with unlimited options for color, texture, and various profiles that allow you to really personalize your home’s exterior. There are even many materials that have vinyl replacements so that you can get all the benefits of vinyl in the aesthetic that you’ve fallen in love with.

You’ll also save where you never thought you would – heating and cooling costs!

We saved the best for last with this one, because we believe that the biggest savings come from those that you incur over time. That’s why vinyl’s thermal bridging prevention is so great.

It keeps your home insulated so that you don’t lose heat or cold air through the studs between the insulation. The vinyl siding acts as a second layer of insulation over the studs, which are known to bleed heat and cold with other siding types, which keeps your home at the climate that you set it in – no matter the season! It’s an energy-efficient, economic option in its insulation properties as well. It also stays straight as a laser sight when properly installed. There’s no reason not to love it!

Have you been sold on vinyl siding yet? If so, great! If not, take a trip to your local hardware store and see what options there are for vinyl siding for yourself. Vinyl works perfect for any style of home, but sometimes you have to see it to really believe it!

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