Benefits of Argon Gas-Filled Glass Patio Doors

Argon is on odorless and colorless gas. Argon filled glass panes for windows or doors are sealed units with two or more glass panes with argon gas in between them.

agron gas patio doors

Doors and windows using argon filled gas panes have many advantages compared to air filled ones. They are discussed below one by one.

Increased Efficiency

Argon is abundantly available as 1% of atmosphere is argon gas and therefore it becomes cost efficient compared to other inert gases. It has a lesser U-value, which measures the heat conducting capacity.

So, it is natural that double paned windows with argon gas filled in between will conduct lesser heat. It also helps to maintain a higher indoor temperature during the cold season. There is only small difference in the R-value of glass filled argon and glass filled with air.

But this small difference can really cause considerable difference in the rate of energy consumption. R-value indicates the resistance to heat conduction and this is the opposite of U-value.

Cost Effective

To a person who is keen about reducing his energy bills, argon gas-filled glass doors and windows are the best choice.  You might have noticed that in spite of repetitive reduction of cost per unit of energy by the Government of the agency, your monthly energy charges are increasing considerably.

Old and inefficient windows are the cause for your regularly increasing energy bills. It causes you to pay increased amount towards heating and cooling charges of your home.

Most of the old windows and doors are single paned leading to loss of heat through the glass and the space around the window. Argon filled windows and doors panes are the answer for this problem.

Better Comfort

argon patio door

Argon’s conductivity is 30 % less than that of air and it is non-reactive also. Argon gas filled panes produce improved thermal insulation maintaining the interior window pane nearer to room temperature.

This avoids currents and drafts that may occur where different temperatures are meeting. Thus, argon gas acts as an insulator during summer and winter and protect the interior from exteriors thereby avoiding drafts and currents of air.

Frost Reduction

The temperature at the interior of the glass panes being closer to the room temperature, the possibility of frost formation is avoided when argon filled panes are used for doors and windows.


Even if the glass pane breaks no calamity occurs to the inhabitants as argon is completely safe. Argon gas may lead in small quantities out of the sealed space.

But as it is very less and as argon is completely safe, there is no need to worry. Only 5 to 10 % of the gas leaks within a period of about 20 years.

Reduced UV Radiation

The argon filled window panes are manufactured with a low-e-coating which helps to reduce the ultra violet rays in the sun’s light.

Though argon-filled-window panes have many benefits, with proper installation only, one will be able to derive these benefits to its full extent.